Conference Background:

According to the “13th-Five year plan” issued byMIIT, establishing a intelligent network infrastructure, deeply advancing“broadband China” strategy, actively deploying All-optic network (AON),speed up 4G development, promote the deployment of NB-IOT, 5G based informationinfrastructure, construct a broadband network infrastructure and servicesystems smoothly, widely, inexpensively and conveniently, lay a solidfoundation for “Internet plus”

China’s next generation internet construction should achieve thecomprehensive Commercial deployment phase. Accordingly, Three operators inChina should speed up the business layout of next generation IOT, By theencouragement of the national policy, China’s next generation IOT industry isfacing great opportunities for development and also facing great challenges,

At the same time, the deployment of wireless technology isbecoming more and more cheap, equipment is becoming more and more easy tointegrate and use, With the emergence of new tools and platform, the data fromthe remote device to collect and transfer to the applications has become veryeasy. A lot of new technology has appeared which is similar to the technology based on wireless sensor network, but the major difference is the online integrated, this technology allows real time monitoring, Also promotethe development of the LPWAN.

Nowadays, Sigfox, NB-IOT, LoRaWan, Weightless-P, Wi-Sun Alliance and some other companiesalready paid more attention to the research of LPWAN technology, Thefrontrunners are trying to establish a close relationship with solution provideras quickly as possible, to make sure its networks are the best solutionprovider. LPWAN now try to expand its application cases in asset tracking,construction management, wisdom city and smart agriculture.

New opportunities is coming, Now the most important thing is tolow power wide-area network real application, after all, requirement and marketis in real existence, --billions of devices are going to enter into thismarket, the change and development of these technologies are huge impact on theworld we live in----Fromthe change of the perception life to reduce energy consumption more and more.

Next-Gen IOT World 2017 will focus on the 5G network infrastructure , especially for the development of LPWAN (Weightless-P,Wi-Sun Alliance, Sigfox, NB-IOT, LoRaWan)

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