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Conference Background:

After the success of the first NexGen IOT World 2017(LPWAN) in Shanghai, the 2nd  NexGen IOT World 2017 (Energy & Smart Energy focus) will be in Shanghai on June 26th, a new study forecasts revenue in the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) market to grow 89.3% between 2016 and 2021, in the applications segment, the smart metering sector is expected to record the highest growth.

Below news shows the rapid growth of the potential market in LPWAN metering & smart energy market:

A, Zenner develops LPWAN-enabled smart meters for the IoT

(German measuring instrument manufacturer Zenner incorporates LPWAN protocol for IoT-enabled smart water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators)

B, Belgian utility uses Sigfox network in smart meter pilot

(In Belgium, water utility Water-link has announced its plans to deploy a smart water meters pilot in the city of Antwerp in partnership with Sigfox)

C,SK Telecom plans on developing multiple services in the areas of metering, tracking and monitoring. (In terms of metering, the telecommunications company is focusing on Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), enabling utilities to accurately manage and monitor usage, as well as control devices)

D, Electric power research institute of Guangxi power grid co., LTD developed one Wireless transmission of power transmission and transformation equipment condition monitoring data communication system based on LoRa technology.

However, the APAC region is forecasted to be the fastest-growing region in the LPWAN market during the forecast period, this conference will focus on different LPWAN technology and its advantage , real application case study, customers’ point of view, standardization exploration of the nexgen metering development towards smart and sustainlable utilities.

8 Highlights that you cannot miss it:

1)One day conference covers 19+ industry senior experts

2) advantage, technical standards, deployment situation, case study on different LPWAN technology

3) Qualified speakers from gas companies, water companies, heating companies, state grid provincial electricity companies and heating companies

4)10+ standard booths will let you know the  technologies and solutions in metering & smart energy industry

5)  Qualified attendees from China Water Group, Gas Group, Heating group, State grid provincial electricity companies

6) Case studies on different LPWAN technology in real application

7) Comparation on different technologies in  metering & energy control

8)Next generation smart metering standardization exploration

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